Makey makey pacman

Pacman makey makey on Scratch by lilstarr99. Thanks to aoliverfor: Pacman for Scratch (Original Project). Shared: Jun 20Modified: Aug 2014.

Working on a Pacman clone ūüôā – Don’t worry about the initially blank screen – the level will load up when you click the Green Flag. Pacman makey makey on Scratch by jbl2006. Thanks to lilstarrfor: Pacman makey makey (Project Remixed). It’s a simple Invention Kit for Beginners or Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in¬†.

How To Turn Anything Into a Keyboard with Makey Makey Invention Kit. MaKey MaKey Video Game Controller project from MPSRGS 2015. First Pacman HD with full MaKey MaKey Piano-Super Mario Adventur Draw Makey Makey o Drum Kit Makey-Makey Pong! I think it makes sense to control pacman by eating something.

CachadLiknande√Ėvers√§tt den h√§r sidanActivity 1: Make Bongo Drums with your Makey Makey kit:.