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Ni vet ju att jag alltid håller på och testar massa smink och skönhetsverktyg, så nu kände. Makey Makey subscribed to a channel month ago. Build whimsical inventions, create interactive art, and compose electronic music with Makey Makey.

Here are amazing examples by makers from around the. How to use a Makey Makey with a simple program in Scratch. Set up a simple circuit that uses a banana and. Make a piano out of bananas, play Mario on Play Dough, let your kitty take a. See, also, the home page for a complete story of what Makey Makey is. MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century.

Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them . Ett litet kit som gör vad som helst till en kontroll för datorn. Du kan använda Makey Makey tillsammans med Scratch. MaKey MaKey, created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum of the MIT Media Lab, is a simple invention kit that. Post it to with the title UncommonGoods MaKey MaKey Challenge and it will automatically be entered into our competition.

I’ve facilitated several lessons integrally using the Makey Makey. Utforska ellie petrovs anslagstavla makey makey på Pinterest, världens idékatalog.

Visa mer om Uppfinningar, Musikaler och. He shares some of his messiest inventions, and. Scratch is an easy way to code your own Makey Makey project. Makey Makey Channel – great video content. By itself, the MaKey MaKey can be used to create interesting interactions.

Previously on Getting Started with the MaKey MaKey we discussed how to make your standard banana space bar. Sök på Makey Makey på och du får fram många galna idéer . Love your MaKey MaKey, but where did you get your pants? Make a piano out of bananas, play Mario on Play Dough, let your kitty take a picture of herself. Roliga Prylar och det var en liten twist på finalen, då finalisterna dessutom fick bygga sin egen Makey Makey kontroll. Eric Rosenbaum introduces MaKey MaKey and shares how he inspires others to tinker.

When you clip real-world things to Makey Makey, it turns the objects into keyboard keys, so you can control your. Please subscribe to our channel: . Dad and Daughter team up for a little Makey Makey fun in the Think Digital #Manstudio building a piano with potatoes! Beatriz från Väsby Lärlabb pratar om hur de använder Makey Makey när de låter barn prata och.

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