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A Studio for Makey Makey Games, feel free to add more! CachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidanmars 20- MaKey MaKey Super Mario Bros on Scratch by candylover456. This is a running game, with just one button: press the space bar to jump, or invent your own way.

Scratch Piano This is a piano you can play with the arrow keys. Use a MaKey MaKey, Scratch, and some recycled materials to create your own. Remove the patient’s bones and organs without touching the. Wanna get your whole school involved in coding and game creation? Maybe even challenge another school and host a maker faire?

Short Summary: This is a simple, silly, and fast-paced game that even large groups of people can use . Downloading Makey Makey games to play offline. Game developer for MaKey-compatible gamesinläggjun 2013MaKey MaKey Scratch Operation Gameinläggmaj 2013Jumpy Jumpy – A run and jump game! CachadÖversätt den här sidanMakey Makey: Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas?

How to create a Scratch Game that uses a Makey Makey for controls.

Activity 1: Make Bongo Drums with your Makey Makey kit:. First Pacman HD with full MaKey MaKey Piano-Super Mario Adventur Draw Makey Makey o Drum Kit Makey-Makey Pong! Ever wanted to make your own game but didn’t know where to start?

Using the Makey Makey and a laptop or PC, you can take advantage of the easy to use . This is what happens if you buy a MaKey MaKey interface board for your kids, can’t find any suitable games, and want an excuse to hack something together . Josh Burker’s Blog of Musings: MaKey MaKey Scratch Operation Game. Cardboard Guitar Project with a makey makey. Find more free online flash games at Fupa. Scratch game in which you try to get away from multiplying squares.

Makey Piano – Very basic piano on Scratch you can use with the Makey Basics.