Specialized fuse review

We test out a plus-size hardtail, the Specialized Fuse Expert 6Fattie. First Ride Specialized Fuse with 6Fattie Ground Control plus size tyres. Neither efficiency nor weight take prominence with the Fuse, but just .

But plus-bikes like the Specialized Fuse Comp are more than just. The wheels are responsible for a lot of this bike’s weight, so we’d naturally suggest they would be . See how the Specialized FUSE EXPERT 6FATTIE rates and read other mountain bike reviews. Specialized Fuse Expert Carbon 6Fattie review.

Affordable plus-sized hardtail with modern geo and playful character . This bike is a must have for the Frederick Watershed. It easily replaces your aging or 29er full . Specialized has jumped into this segment with both fattie sized feet. The overall weight ensures the Fuse isn’t a spritely XC race style climber . This time with his 20Specialized Fuse Pro 6Fattie.

Mid-Fat, whatever you choose to call them, 650×3. The mid-sized fat tires on Specialized new Fuze 6Fattie mountain bike bring fun back to the hardtail. Testing Bicycles With Scharney: 20Specialized.

Testing Bicycles With Scharney: 20Specialized Fuse Expert 6Fattie. The Specialized Fuse Pro 6Fattie gets out of the box and on review at twentynineinches. The Fuse Pro 6Fattie is the next step in the evolution of trail riding. Now we know that sounds bold coming from a hardtail, but with our all-new 6Fattie Wheel . It might be a claim that sounds flipped on its hea but one ride on the Fuse Expert 6Fattie will have you shouting this . Thinking about upgrading to some wider rubber?

Last year, we reviewed the Specialized Fatboy in our initial roundup of Fat . If the Specialized Fuse and Stumpjumper 6Fattie showed me anything,. Given the extra weight in rubber, this won’t be a bike for everyone.