Specialized fuse 2016

Our 6Fattie Wheel System uplifts the Fuse to have more traction and control than. It might be a claim that sounds flipped on its hea but one ride on the Fuse Expert 6Fattie will have you shouting this . We test out a plus-size hardtail, the Specialized Fuse Expert 6Fattie.

April 1 20By Ryan Palmer Photos: JP Van Swae. Nyheterna på mountainbikefronten har minst sagt haglat ner under de senaste åren. Nu är det dags för The new thing anno 2016; 27+ eller 6Fattie.

First Ride Specialized Fuse with 6Fattie Ground Control plus size tyres.

This time with his 20Specialized Fuse Pro 6Fattie. Mid-Fat, whatever you choose to call them, 650×3. Get used to it, we’ll be seeing ‘semi fat’ bikes popping up a lot as we roll toward 2016.

Pros: -Fun to ride -Big tires = BIG confidence -Going uphill is a breeze with the hardtail and large contact spot, added weight of the bigger tires . A couple of 20bikes may have already been designed this way. More experienced riders will be thrilled by this new dimension, particularly on downhill off camber trails. This is the first installment of my video series in which I will be taking out various bikes and seeing what they are. Testing Bicycles With Scharney: 20Specialized Fuse Expert.


When Specialized debuted the new Stumpjumper a few months ago in. If the Specialized Fuse and Stumpjumper 6Fattie showed me anything, it’s that plus-size bikes are here to stay. The mid-sized fat tires on Specialized new Fuze 6Fattie mountain bike bring fun back to the hardtail.

I’m interested in the Fuse Comp 6Fattie as an extra fun bike to cram into. The Specialized Fuse Expert 6Fattie costs $100. The Specialized Fuse is an aluminum hardtail that comes equipped with three-inch wide tires. A diamond-shaped cut-out in the chainstay . Buy Specialized Fuse Pro 20Mountain Bike from £2000. Specialized Fuse Pro 20Mountain Bike Red EV2474301_Thumbnail.

Thinking about upgrading to some wider rubber? Jämför priser på Specialized Fuse Expert 6Fattie 2016. Hitta bästa pris och läs omdömen – vi hjälper dig hitta rätt. The 20Specialized fuse comp 6fattie is available at ERIK’S as one of our many Mountain Bikes.

The new format has been adopted by many of the big brands for their 20model ranges an as such, it’s fair to say that it’s here to stay. Det påståendet kanske låter helt vrickat men en åktur på Fuse Expert 6Fattie så kommer du förstå. Brand: Specialize Product: Fuse Expert 6Fattie, Model Year: 2016.