Murata manufacturing on my network

I have a mac address for murata manufacturing showing up on my ip scan. I once had a MAC address that I didn’t recognize on my network. From time to time I scan my home LAN to check that all the IP addresses are as expected and to see if there are any.

MAC Address: 00:13:E0:9B:11:(Murata Manufacturing Co.). I have a router provided by my ISP DHCP server is disabled and statics. I have the Mac addresses and one is listed to Murata Manufacturing.

My wife new Note mac address appears to come from Murata. Is it normal for Samsung phone to be recognised from other manufacturer? Manufacturers of network hardware are given a range of numbers they.

For example, it can show your Samsung device as Murata Manufacturing, and make you choke, “There is a burglar on my WiFi! Fing does not let you block certain devices from your WiFi network, no. Fing displays your devices’ MAC address and manufacturer and lets you search by name, vendor, . I am running W7U-on a Dell XPS laptop on my home wireless network.

Hunting down rogue devices on your network is easy: Figuring out whom these devices belong to is another story. Murata’s RF products, modules and multi-band devices as well as sensors, low-loss capacitors and power inductors are perfectly suited for Smartphone device . I like to use that for switching off heating by my smart thermostat? FC-C2-DE-XX-XX-XX Murata Manufacturing Co.