Murata manufacturing co wifi

I have a mac address for murata manufacturing showing up on my ip scan. MAC Address: 00:13:E0:9B:11:(Murata Manufacturing Co.). Murata’s RF products, modules and multi-band devices as well as sensors, low-loss capacitors and power inductors are. Is it normal for Samsung phone to be recognised from other manufacturer? For example, it can show your Samsung device as Murata Manufacturing, and make you choke, “There is a burglar on my WiFi!

Ltd is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components, based in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto. Manufacturers of network hardware are given a range of numbers they can assign to their. Our members, listed below, span the globe and the Wi-Fi industry.

After tracking, I also found it led to: Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd. Manual details for FCC ID VPYABF made by Murata Manufacturing Co. Document Includes Users Manual SD87User Guide.

Wi-Fi module, Radio Modules, The SN80is a certified . I used static IP assignment in my WiFi router and had assigned an IP to my phone for. Empresa que fabrica os componentes eletrônicos para a Samsung? Murata Sales, Representative, or Distributor in your area.

Specification may be changed by Murata without notice.