Znaps charger

A specially designed magnetic adapter for an unparalleled charging experience. Attention preorder customers: To ensure that all of you receive priority service and shipment, we have transferred your preorders to this dedicated website. Hoppa till How do I know if ZNAPS is connected and charging my phone?

A small LED is featured on ZNAPS to indicate charging status. Can we get 25:) Did you like the video? Introduction: Let’s make charging easier! ZNAPS is a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in smashed .

ZNAPS is a small and simple device which will change the way you charge your. ZNAPS – magnetic charging adapter for mobile devices. Netdot 2nd Generation Magnetic USB Charger Cable Adapter for iPhone 5c, 5s, SE, Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, Plus (silver) . Owners of MacBooks know how convenient it is to have magnets handling the connection to your charger. Znaps Magnetic Charging Adapter aims to bring this .

ZNAPS Singapore – official distributor of ZNAPS, a specially designed magnetic adapter for your mobile devices for an unparalleled charging experience. It’s a simple set-up: just plug the magnetic adapter into your phone’s charging port—ZNAPS has adapters for both Lightning and micro-USB . The charger snaps out of the charging port when someone trips over the cable, leaving the MacBook resting safely on its desk. Znaps has invented a type of MagSafe-like adapter that transforms your mobile device’s charging port into a magnetic connection for $(£5) . ZNAPS is an adapter that gives your phone MagSafe-like magnetic.

Magnetic charging combines the convenience of wireless charging, with . ZNAPS is a cheap magnetic adapter and connector combo for. USB port, there’s a magnetic charging USB cable . Kickstarter project ZNAPS adds a reversible magnetic adapter to your phone, to simplify your charging solution. Znaps is a product that’s currently tearing it up on Kickstarter that could.

Those samsung charger ports suck on these things and this adapter . It endeavors to provide the products that . The Znaps magnetic adapter is very similar to that MacBook charger. Rather than being a way to charge notebooks, Znaps is a magnetic .