Wireless temperature sensor raspberry pi

I would like to add a wireless temperature sensor to my Pi to keep track of the temperature outside my house. In this project I will show you how to connect a remote battery operated temperature sensor to your Raspberry Pi. The remote sensor communicates with the .

SunFounder modules Raspberry Pi Sensor Kit, 26-Pin GPIO Extension. Reading temperatures can be done with a temperature sensor. This project makes use of a raspberry pi, to read the temperature of several radio sensors, and store them on a Sqlite database. XRF wireless RF radio UART serial data module .

Raspberry Pi—Model B with power supply, case, and SD. Unboxing of the tarts wireless temperature sensor for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone. In this post, we’ll meet Mike, a Maryland-based Raspberry Pi enthusiast who built a nifty wireless temperature sensor for his pool.

Today I’ve gone wireless with my new Raspberry Pi to collect data from. I use a DS181-wire temperature sensor since it’s so easy to use . I have owned a Raspberry Pi for a few years now, and outside of XMBC I haven’t done much with it.