Pinus strobus

Weymouthtall (Pinus strobus) är ett träd inom tallsläktet och familjen tallväxter. Arten finns naturligt i östra Nordamerika. I Sverige har den odlats här och där och .

Pinus strobus, commonly denominated the Eastern White Pine, Northern White Pine, White Pine, Weymouth Pine (British), and Soft Pine is a large pine native to . Weymouthfuru Weymouths-Fyr Weymouthmänty, Strobusmänty Weymouth Pine Weymouths-Kiefer. Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun. Prefers full sun, fertile soils and cool, humid climates.

Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus), also called northern white pine, is one of the most valuable trees in eastern North America. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences . Images; Synonyms; Classification; Legal Status; Wetland; Related Links. Pinus strobus (Eastern white pine) Makin.

Eastern White Pine tree Eastern White Pine leaf Eastern White Pine bark Eastern White . Syn: Strobus strobus (Linnaeus) Small (Kral 1993). Formerly, many authors regarded Pinus chiapensis as a variety of P. Taxonomic Notes: Two varieties of Pinus strobus are . Leaf: Evergreen needles, to inches long, with five, .

Pinus strobus is an evergreen Tree growing to m (65ft) by m (16ft) at a fast rate. It is in leaf 12-Jan, and the seeds ripen in October. Soft, slender needles in bundles of are characteristic of eastern white pine. Seedlings, saplings, and mature trees produce whorls of branches; the . Eastern White Pine Pinaceae (Pine Family).

The eastern white pine is also called northern white pine. It is one of the most valuable trees in . New England; from Newfoundland to Georgia and west to Iowa; cold hardy to zone 3. Pinus strobus, the Eastern White Pine, is characterized by fascicles of fine needles with a nonpersistent bundle sheath, and relatively soft, . The eastern white pine has played a very important role throughout the .