Oscilloscope ipad

I use this for analog, and audio measurements. Attach an Apple USB adapter and a $stereo A-D converter available online, and my iPad is like a $300 . Physics Oscilloscope is a simple, easy to use sound wave grapher.

To use, simply play a sound and observe the wave patterns on the screen. Transform your iPhone, iPa or iPod into an oscilloscope. Oscium has two different oscilloscope models.

Digital Oscilloscope and Signal Generator.

Oscilloscope for iOS is great for analyzing audio range signals, or learning oscilloscope measurement basics. To build an inexpensive touch-screen oscilloscope, start with an iPad. LabNation has a KickStarter project that turns your iPad or iPhone into the display for a tiny oscilloscope. When I saw the Oscium iMSO-1oscilloscope, I smacked my forehead with my open palm and cried “Of course!

A must-have for every Arduino and Raspberry Pi developer! LabNation, an independent team of designers and entrepreneurs, developed the SmartScope, which combines three high-end instruments into . Turn Your iOS Device into an Oscilloscope. MSO-1mixed signal oscilloscope for the iPhone, iPa and iPod Touch.

Oscium’s iMSO-1hardware offers to turn your iPhone, iPa or iPod Touch into a 12MSPS digital oscilloscope with an analog bandwidth of . While exploring the different ways to get to grips with the Hz AC signal, I stumbled on video about oScope, an app for iPad and iPhone. Attach an Apple USB adapter and a $stereo A-D converter available online, and my iPad is . A mixed signal oscilloscope designed specifically for the iPhone, iPa iPod. So how does this touch interface compare to an oscilloscope with knobs?

Reader Petros Douvantzis let us know about his free app, Soundbeam, that turns an iPhone or iPod touch (compatible with iPad) into an . The thing is that the iPad provides a great platform for displaying all sorts of stuff. For example, consider the following video of an oscilloscope .