Nordic power acdc adaptor

Power supply, AM 04159A-12V, Nordic Power.

Behöver du ett AC adapter eller nätaggregar med Volts? Volts AC-adapters, nätaggregat, laddare från Mean Well och Nordic Power . Produkten har blivit tillagd i varukorgen.

Connection, secondary side Interchangeable adapter. Nordic Power AM 98serie is a compact lightweight switch mode power supply delivered with fixed output voltage and exchangeable DC-plug. For example, a laptop requires a charger to convert the AC electricity from the mains outlet to the DC voltage needed to charge the battery. NORDIC POWER A20930G Passar mindre keyboards, Ac-cetera belysning m. LEEM DC-9X Multiadapter för upp till effektpedaler.

The adaptors are approved for worldwide use in the voltage range from 3V up . Nordic Power AM 98LV serie is a compact lightweight switch mode power supply with regulate selectable output voltages and exchangeable DC-plug. This is your chance to Purchase this European AC-DC Switching Adaptor Power Supply for your Item as listed in the Title.