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Navtex är ett internationellt system för navigations- och vädervarningar. Systemet arbetar på långvåg 5kHz och 4kHz. Hz för mer nationell information; Pålitlig, driftsäker och kontirnuerlig mottagning av navtex-meddelanden; Fungerar helt automatiskt, inget papper behövs .

The NX-3receives NAVTEX messages and verifies the ID of received messages. It features two narrowband receivers, one tuned to the 5kHz international . Products; Support Information; About FURUNO; Distributors. Enhances the navigation efficiency and safety by watching NAVTEX messages broadcasted on .

For Recreational Boats For Fishing Vessels For Workboats . Navtex – postad i LångfärdsSnack: Fundera på att skaffa en navtex. Dubbla mottagarfrekvenser, 5kHz för ordinarie mottagning samt 4kHz för nationell . Furuno’s new NX-3is an excellent way to harness current Navtex technology, which provides immediate access to the latest marine notices . Buy Furuno NX-3Digital NavTex Receiver: Marine GPS Accessories – Amazon. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

This compact, lightweight dual frequency Navtex receives current and early-warning weather reports and navigation alerts worldwide, within a 200-4nm . Der NX-3Navtex Empfänger out-of-the-box. Category: Navigation Supplies Navigation Tools Miscellaneous Furuno Navtex Paper For Nx 5112MM X 40M. FURUNO NX-7is a dual-channel NAVTEX receiver for SOLAS ships complying with the new NAVTEX performance standard MSC.

The FURUNO NX-7NAVTEX receiver receives NAVTEX . FURUNO NX3navtex, FURUNO NX-3NAVTEX RECEIVER Economical – Paperless navtex receiver. The NX-3receives NAVTEX messages and verifies . Der FURUNO – NX-3wurde speziell für die Sportschifffahrt entwickelt. FURUNO’s compact NX-7is a Dual-Channel NAVTEX Receiver with a low-profile antenna, complying with IMO standards required for SOLAS ships on after . The Furuno NX700P is a NAVTEX dual-channel receiver for SOLAS ships with an included printer for convenient printing. Some FURUNO products have a battery(ies).

Congratulations on your choice of the FURUNO NX-3NAVTEX Receiver. Following installation of a Furuno NX3navtex (admittedly second hand but appeared to be perfect and was sold as such), the unit never . Can turn any NavNet display or PC into a weather fax and NAVTEX receiver for obtaining weather forecasts . A more complete version of my NAVTEX reception problems page. The Furuno won because of the large and very clear text although the dual frequency . Find everyday low prices at Star Marine Depot like Furuno NX3Paperless Navtex.

Furuno’s NX3paperless Navtex receiver is the most economical way of monitoring navigational warnings, meteorological warnings, search and rescue . Transas Navtex och Furuno Navtex Genom Navtex fårman olika former av säkerhetsmeddelanden vid kusterna i vissa delar av världen. View and Download Furuno Navtex Receiver NX-5operator’s manual online.