M12 connector pinout

Ai lights are built with the male connector standard. Euro-style sensor connectors with Mlocking for factory automation, process control, industrial instrumentation, and commercial electronics. The two-piece Mdevice plug-in connectors facilitate the.

With a ‘lock in place’ coupling nut that resists high levels of shock vibration, ifm cordsets are the durable affordable choice for industrial environments. Mcircular connectors, mating face acc. This is the pinout: M31-R Mseries pinout.

MQuick-Disconnect Cables (Euro, Micro DC-Single Key). The connectors shown below are used in the IPConneXium TCS ESU 0Fswitch. Note that if the other end is RJ4 the pinouts on the RJend are 1 . Mconnectors are use the wiring must comply with that set down in the standard. Decrease installation and tooling costs with . Cables with a molded connector on the one end and flying leads on the other end are available as M(3- and 4-pin) and M(3- to 8-pin). Circular connector M1 dcoded as per EN 610762101.

Round Connectors – Comprehensive and versatile: M M1 M1 M23The right model for any application. Shock and vibration resistant with integrated .