Chandelier lyrics meaning

The way Sia sings the lyrics I’m gonna swing from the chandelier sounds desperate. Swinging from the chandelier could mean having a good time, nothing . Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.

Romi Ezzo, Moderator, Editor Contributor of Lyrics Website. Listen to the lyrics to find the song’s meaning. I’m gonna swing from the chandelier could literally means suicide.

Sia’s Chandelier details alcohol abuse—an addiction the Beyonce and Rihanna songwriter.

Find out its meaning and listen to the song now. Chandelier from one point of view seems like a party girl anthem, but after fully emerging ones self into the lyrics we come to realize that the . Lyrical Definition is all about the story behind the song lyrics, not just the melody. Meaning Of Sia’s “Chandelier”: Lyrical Analysis. Note: This post was updated on April 20to add Big Girls Cry and Elastic Heart because why not. Chandelier is a song by Australian singer Sia from her sixth studio album, 10Forms of Fear.

The song’s opening lyrics, Party girls don’t get hurt, can’t feel anything. I push it down, are sung over a reggae-influenced background.