Best electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are carving a bigger niche than you might think. Here are our favorites, whether you’re into spee mileage, or something . After considering electric skateboards, the Slant community recommends the Boosted Dual+ for city commuting, the Evolve GT Carbon for best performance .

CachadÖversätt den här sidanUPDATE: I just published a list of the best electric skateboards you can buy on Amazon — it’s very different from this list and worth taking a look! Looking for the best real electric skateboards (not self balancing scooters or hoverboards?). Then read our reviews of the best boards you can buy.

Are you looking for the best electric skateboard?

We’ve taken a look and compared the coolest electric longboards out there, so you can pick the right one. We have tested and selected the best Electric Skateboards to buy in 20and in 20and created this extensive electric Skateboard review for . We scour the industry’s current offerings, and consult our own attempts at riding the things, to compile a selection of the best electric . What is the best electric skateboard weighing less than pounds? We bought and tested four boards and will add more as they become . Skateboards are more than a mode of transportation, they are a way of life.

Electric skateboards open up the hobby to even more people.