Antenna analyzer arduino

Since the Project is very popular and I get a lot of inquiries , it is necessary here to clarify something. This simple Antenna Analyzer could be a nice project for anyone just getting started in setting up a station on. This VSWR analyser looked interesting from K6BEZ.

This entry was posted in Projects and tagged AD985 antenna analyzer, arduino, DDS, . In this case I wanted a Vector Antenna Analyzer for antenna testing with high quality. I went with the Arduino because it is well documented and a standard . Welcome to reddits own amateur (ham) radio club.

If you are wondering what Amateur Radio is about, it’s basically a two way radio . I’ve often wondered why there aren’t more DIY antenna analyzer projects out there. Now, there’s an Arduino-based antenna analyzer project. A simple antenna analyzer is a helpful gadget which will tell us about the frequencies to which a piece of wire will resonate on.

The antenna analyzer is controlled by a common Arduino Uno development boar although it would be quite easy to swap in many other . The inspiration was what someone could do with a $DDS module found on and a $Arduino micro-controller. Hello everybody, I’d like to show my last project. Arduino code and different version of PC . A $Arduino Nano clone controls the DDS and digitizes the analog output.

SWR I measured on my antenna analyzer at this frequency. Arduino, Ham Radio and Radios. Includes an overview of the build process and demonstration scans of my . Arduino nanoとAD98DDS Moduleを使ったアンテナアナライザで、 K6BEZ開発をDG7EAOがTFTを使ってスタンドアーロンでも使える様に改造した物 . This is a no frills DIY Analyzer intended for frequencies ranging from 1. This simple Antenna Analyzer could be a nice project for . Building on work from fellow ham Ron Rollinson, Jim Harvey has published an antenna analyser for radio ham use which costs less than £30 . Antenna analyzer with Arduino updated Priority listing – HF Antenna analyzer with Arduino Nano, open software. K6BEZ, micro-controller-based antenna analyzer by Beric Dunn,. This DIY helps you build an arduino based antenna analyzer at home, for a low frequency application for less than 30MHz.

This antenna analyzer was designed by our good friend Beric, K6BEZ. The little blue board to it’s right is an Arduino Pro Micro which has a . At this time the ham radio market is filled with various options for antenna analyzers.