Ultra ever dry car

Ultra-Ever Dry technology new paint for our automobiles. If you like this video and would like to see more like. Теперь Вы сможете приобрести Ultra Ever Dry у Нас.

It cannot be used on automobile windshields and obscures visibility through glass. Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) . B00EVV7XOUCachadÖversätt den här sidan Betyg: – ‎recensionerUltra-Ever Dry, Bottom Coat 400 Top Coat 40Ultra-Mini 48oz Sprayers:. IT CAN BE USED ON GLASS BUT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR VEHICLE .

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for UltraTech 40Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat, Quart, Translucent White at Amazon. Ultra-Ever Dry claims to be a revolutionary super hydrophobic. Ultra-Ever Dry coating makes grime, oils, dirt slide right off. Nissan develops first self-cleaning car prototype. It’s a great video but I wouldn’t use it on the F or any other luxury car.

MAYBE on the under panels or wheel wells but not on the paint. Nissan Uses Ultra-Ever Dry Coating To Make Cars Self-Cleaning. The ideal of a self-cleaning car sounds a bit too good to be true, but it looks . This is an easy way to make a hydrophobic coating from products that have been available for decades.

Nissan engineers used Ultra-Ever Dry to paint one side of the car and regular paint on the other side. A video below shows how the side of the . A brand-new invention should terrify you if you work in the car wash industry — a Nissan-engineered self-cleaning paint called Ultra-Ever Dry. ROLLE, Switzerland – Washing a car can be a chore – and a costly one. ULTRA EVER DRY is a superhydrophobic coating. Superhydrophobic – superior water repelling properties that exceeds 1degrees of con – tact angle when . Nissan Note med Ultra-Ever Dry smutsavvisande lack.

Nissan is the first carmaker to apply Ultra-Ever Dry that stops standing water and road spray from making dirty marks on the car’s surface. Picture of Ultra Ever Dry 1Liter Bottom coating.