Freescale kinetis

NXP itself acquired Freescale Semiconductor for $12B less than a year ago. Ideal for medical, industrial and automotive . The DART-6UL provides a variety of interfaces .

Freescale now becomes part of NXP to become the fourth largest non-memory semiconductor supplier in the world! Browse our comprehensive portfolio online . NXP will nearly double its revenues by buying Freescale but what changes will really take place? Objective Analysis’ Tom Starnes discusses .

We offer broad NXP coverage with support for Kinetis, LPC, Vybri i. MX and S32K, as well as S0 HCSand ColdFire. Contributed by Ray AngersIt was announced this week that NXP Semiconductor NV (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) and Freescale . NXP Semiconductors is noted for its expertise in high-performance, mixed-signal electronics and for creating solutions that enable secure connections for a . Renesas and Infineon, which currently hold the top ranks in the automotive semiconductor space, will lose market share to the NXP-Freescale .