Capacitive touch sensor arduino

Capacitive sensing may be used in any place where low to no force human touch sensing is desirable. An Arduino and the library may be used to sense human . This instructable is a tutorial that will guide you on using the Capacitive touch sensors with Arduino.

Here is an explanation of the demo code for the CapSense library. CapacitiveSensor cs_4_= CapacitiveSensor(2); You can replace ‘cs_4_2’ with any other . This video shows you how to use a capacitive sensor with the Capsense library downloaded from the Arduino. This touch-able add on shield for Arduinos will inspire your next interactive project with capacitive touch sensors.

Capacitive touch sensors are a great way to add external controls to a waterproof enclosure. It’s a fun-size version of our Music Maker shield for Arduino! This input device uses your body as part of the circuit. This tutorial shows you how to put this Arduino input device to immediate use.

CapacitiveSensor, written by Paul Badger, lets you create sensors that can detect touch or proximity.