Viledon Filter packs LH 35 37 10och 1000OV headericon. Högtemperaturfilter typ LH 35 LH 37 LH 10och LH 10OV används för filtrering av . The mat is made of high performance nonwoven produced inhouse from polyester fibers with thermal bonding, i.

Viledon filter mats are progressively structure with the density of the fiber layers increasing towards the clean air side. The spectrum, performance and quality of the Viledon filter program is tailored to the complex requirements of very diverse applications ranging from top-quality, . Thermally bonded high-performance nonwovens made of synthetic-organic, break-resistant fibers provide an optimal filter performance. Mjuk luftgenomsläpplig list av viledonfilter.

Viledon Filter for General Use (Disposal). This disposable type filter is best suited for outdoor air .

Online shopping for VILEDON FILTER at Amazon. The Best Recipe for Germ-Free Air: Viledon Filter Systems for Cleanroom Technology. Viledon filter mats, made of synthetic-organic fibers like polyester or polyolefine.

Besides the technical filtration data like ar- restance, pressure drop, and dust . New Viledon filter plates: DryPleat and DryPleat nano. En beskrivning av det här resultatet är inte tillgänglig på grund av webbplatsens robots.