Pnp npn sensor

If you’re confused by the terms PNP and NPN, then hopefully this post. In the context of this post, they refer to the construction of a sensor’s . This tech tip today shows how PNP and NPN wiring configurations are different.

Standard transistors come in two types: NPN and PNP. For an NPN transistor output, the load must be connected between the sensor output and the positive (+) . I think the sensor sensing part should be connected to the base o a transistor NPN or PNP. And they are probably used as normal transistors .

I want to know what is difference between NPN PNP sensors what. Sinking sensors allow current to flow into the sensor to the voltage . Q: What is the difference of NPN transistor output and PNP transistor output of the sensor? We should note that most PLCs won’t let us mix NPN and PNP devices on the same module. When we are using a sensor (photo-eye, prox, etc.) we do, however . This means that, as a PNP sensor sources current, a PNP input must sink current.

Conversely a NPN sensor sinks current and a NPN input sources current.