Burris eliminator iii laserscope 416×50

Köp Burris Ballistic Laserscope 4-16x 50mm online hos Active Outfit. Vi garanterar bra pris, personlig service och snabb leverans. Bruce Potts goes hi-tech with the sophisticated Burris Ballistic LaserScope. MOA 12x No Capped screw adj Hunting 42mm Second Focal Plane more guessing yardage or fumbling with a shaky handheld rangefinder. The Burris Eliminator III 4-16x50mm Extreme Range Ballistic Laserscope gives you acute accuracy, perfect for the extreme range shooting enthusiasts.

This item was for sale as of 14:3 Sep 16. The Eliminator Laserscope has ballistic curves on board to select from and Burris provides a listing of nearly 6factory loaded cartridges and the two digit .

Burris Eliminator Ammunition Reference – European Brand Ammunition. This Burris Eliminator 3-12x44mm Extreme Range Laser Ballistic Riflescope 2001has been designed to provide you with the perfect riflescope to handle . Burris Eliminator III Ballistic Laserscope The Eliminator split-second automatic trajectory compensation technology has provided shooters with the invaluable .